Edappally Sangeetha Sadas

For real music lovers

  Life Membership Fee: Rs. 1000/-
Present Strength: 2000 (As on 30-11-2023)

Despite being a commercial city, Kochi is known to have a rich tradition of music. It has given birth to several musicians and some of them have even made it to the top. No wonder. A fertile soil will certainly produce good crop. That is to say, it is the abundance of music lovers here that make music flourish so well. Edappally is no exception to the rule. The Edappally Sangeetha Sadas is thus a product of intrinsic evolution.

It happened a little after Changampuzha Samskarika Kendram was born when the artistic fervour of Edappally reached a high pitch. There was a felt need to savour good music programmes regularly. An organization with an institutional framework was the answer. Thus Edappally Sangeetha Sadas was born and it was registered under the Charitable Societies Act in 2004. The inaugural concert was held on 15 November 2004 which is traditionally observed as Muthaiaha Bhagavatar Day.

Mr B. Rajagopala Menon is the President and Mr.B.Ramesh is the Treasurer. Mr P.R. Nair is the Secretary.

Today Edappally Sangeetha Sadas has a creditable membership of 1850 and it keeps rising. Because of such overwhelming support from the votaries of the art the Sangeetha Sadas is able to present 30 programmes every month and the total number of programmes conducted so far is 430 . This is a record which has earned it the prestigious KELI PURASKARAM instituted by Kerala Sangeet Natak Academy.

The monthly programmes apart, the Sangeetha Sadas takes every opportunity that comes its way to provide sumptuous musical feasts to its members. Thus Muthaiah Bhagavatar Day, Dikshitar Day, Thyagarajaradhana, Swathi Thirunal Day and Md, Rafi Day are observed with dedication and zeal. During Navarathri festival scintillating music flows from Changampuzha Park on all nine days.

The Annual Music festival starting on 15 th November attracts rasikas from far off places ,when top artists from south India perform here .Most of the top artists of Carnatic Music have performed here and all have appreciated the ambience and the response of the audience here.

Sangeetha Kalanidi Sanjay Subramanian, T M Krishna,Ranjini & Gayathri sisters,T V Snkaranarayanan ,Gayathri Venkataraghavan, violinist A Kanyakumari are a few among them.

As a mark of respectful homage to Neyyatinkara Vasudevan, one of the contemporary musical greats, who passed away in 2008, the Sangeetha Sadas has instituted an endowment fund in his name. The amount generated by the fund will be used to give an award every year to a deserving musician selected by a jury .We have given this award to 11 musicians so far.

Days to remember

Muthaiah Bhagavathar Day (also Annual Day)—November 15
Kalamandalam Kesavan Anusmaranam & concert (in April)
Thyagarajaradhana—(in February)
Navarathri Music & Dance Festival—(9 days)
Annual Music Festival (10 days) starting on 15 th November Swathi Thirunal Jayanthi Day–
Neyyattinkara Vasudevan Anusmaranam & Award—(in March)
Md. Rafi Remembrance Day– July 31

Governing Council

B. Rajagopala Menon

B. Rajagopala Menon


P.R. Nair

P.R. Nair





  1. B. Rajagopala Menon – President
  2. M. K. Murali Vice – President
  3. P. R. Nair – Secretary
  4. Ramadasan. K. M. – Jt. Secretary
  5. B.Ramesh – Treasurer
  6. Smt. R. Kamakshi – Member
  7. G. Sairaj – Member
  8. P. P. Balachandran – Member
  9. Smt. Priya. R. Pai – Member
  10. K.Madhavan Pillai – Member
  11. K. M. Udayan – Member
  12. P. Sreelatha – Member
  13. V. T. Muralidharan – Member
  14. Y. Raghavan – Member
  15. P. K. Ravindranath Menon – Member
  16. G. Ramachandran – Member
  17. K. Vydianathan – Member
  18. K. K. Jayakumar – Member
  19. Udayakumar Thampi – Member
  20. Jayanth Unnikrishnan