Channgampuzha Samskarika Kendram

Life Membership Fee Rs.3000/-

Changampuzha Samskarika Kendram has over the years emerged as one of the most vibrant cultural centres within the Greater Cochin area. Prominent and respectable persons from all walks of life are members of CSK.

Started with a few members at the beginning, CSK has 2000 life members, 16 institutional members, and three organisational members on its rolls now. Applications for membership are scrutinised and approved by the committee. Since revenue from the membership fee is the main source of income of the organising committee members take a special interest in bringing in more and more active and creative members

Institutional Members
Membership feeRs.10,000. ,

  1.   Malayala Manorama, Cochin Unit.
  2. Greater Cochin Development Authority, Kochi 682020
  3. Traco Cables & Co Ltd, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi 682036
  4. Corporation of Cochin
  5. The Avenue Regent, Kochi 682016
  6. Mr.P.V Jose, Omana Shop, M.G.Road Kochi-11
  7. Nice Chemicals Private Ltd, Edappally, Kochi-24
  8. DC Johar & Sons Pvt Ltd Kochi-11
  9. Premier Steels Jews Street, Ernakulam
  10. Deepak Aswani, Lachmandas & Sons, Kochi-36
  11. Polakkulath Narayanan, Polakulath Group, Palarivattom, Kochi-25
  12.  S.N.Sasidharan Kartha, Cochin Minerals & Rutiles Ltd Aluva
  13. Bhageetha Engineering Ltd Kochi-36
  14. N.S.Namboothiri, Associated Chemicals, Kochi-24
  15. Bhavani Auto Distributors, Kochi-35
  16. Aspinwall & Co Ltd, Edappally Kochi-24

Organisational Members
Membership Fee Rs. 5000/-

  1.  Kerala Vyapari Vyavasaya Ekopana Samithi, Edappally Unit
  2. Sceitific Awareness Forum , Elamakkara
  3. Changampuzha Smaraka Granthasala , Edappally Kochi-24

The beautifully laid-out Changampuzha Park is popular among children, elderly persons and others. It also serves as an ideal venue for several arts and cultural programmes of importance. Be part of this prestigious organisation which stands for the entertainment, enrichment, and refinement of society.

Senior Citizen Forum

  • Membership Fee:  Rs. 100

Senior Citizen Forum formed under the auspicious of the Changampuzha Samskarika Kendram is really a solace to the elders.  It is a forum that offers a platform for the elders to spend at least a part of their idling hours interacting with each other and enjoy a self made community atmosphere of their own.

Under the auspices of the Forum, facilities are provided in the Changampuzha park for senior citizens to meet and talk, play indoor games, attend medical camps, join with families in occasional picnics. The forum has now emerged as a close community of retired civil servants, college professors, school teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, artists and many more.

The Forum offers membership to anybody above the age of 60 years with a nominal fee of Rs 100. It has nearly 1200 members on its rolls now. Membership applications are scrutinised and approved by the executive committee of the Forum.

Kathakali Aswadaka Sadas

  • Membership Fee: Rs. 500

Edappally Kathakali Aswadaka Sadas is the biggest organisation in Kerala promoting the classical art of Kathakali in its letter and spirit. Most of the true Kathakali lovers of Kerala are members of this vibrant organisation which stages impressive and imaginative programmes in this traditional classic art.

True lovers of Kathakali will love to be member of the Edappally Kathakali Aswadaka Sadas, by spending only Rs. 500 for a life membership. The 13 years old organisation has 1650 life members in its roll now.

Membership applications are scrutinised and approved by the executive committee of the kathakali Aswadaka Sadas.

Edappally Sangeetha Sadas

  • Membership Fee: Rs. 550

Edappally Sangeetha Sadas started to cater to the needs of true music lovers of a commercial city like Kochi has secured a respectable position within a short span of time.

True music lovers have taken Edappally as one of their main destinations, because of the rich programmes, learned audience and the dedication to the art.Life membership fee is only Rs. 550. Sangeetha Sadas has 1535 life members in its rolls now.

Edappally Nruthaswadaka Sadas

  • Membership Fee: Rs. 500

Edappally Nruthaswadaka Sadas, the new wing of the CSK has attracted the lovers of dance very quickly. It is mainly because of the concept to dance forever. This organization is exclusively for promoting all dance forms, especially housewives who had been active on dance stages during their school/ college days.

One of the main objectives of forming the Nruthaswadaka Sadas was to bring those housewives to the dance stage once again, apart from staging the programmes of reputed artists.

600 women took membership in two years time. The programmes organized by the Edapplaly Nruthaswadaka Sadas attracted lot of dance lovers from outside the district also.

Did you learn to dance and waiting for stages to performance?

Are you a housewife who was active in dance stages before marriage?

Are you a true dance lover who loves to watch rich dance performances?

Edappally Nruthaswadaka Sadas is for you. Be part of it and promote to dance forever.