October 26, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 8:45 pm


The film follows the story of Parshya, a low-caste young boy, and Archi, a daughter of a rich “upper caste landlord”. Parshya, although poor, has an excellent academic record and excels at reading and is the captain and star player of the local cricket team. On the other hand, Archi is a strong willed girl, who is also academically proficient, but more importantly, known as a headstrong girl who enjoys ‘masculine’ tasks like driving a tractor or riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle. As they both study in college together, it is observed that they slowly start falling for each other. Early on, Archi’s large and muscular cousin tries to intervene and beat up Parshya, but is ordered to stand down by Archi. They slowly find ways to spend time with each other, and fall in love.

At a celebration of Archi’s misbehaved younger brother, Prince’s birthday, they are discovered by Archi’s family. Archi’s father, being politically connected proceeds to thrash Parshya and his friends. Eventually realizing that there is no way out, Archi and Parshya make an attempt to elope. However, they are discovered by police and taken into custody. There, Archi’s father forces the police to register a false complaint alleging that Archi was gang raped by Parshya and his friends. Realizing this, Archi intervenes and destroys the complaint, insisting that Parshya and his friends be released. Soon after they are released, however, Archi’s father’s goons begin to thrash Parshya and his friends. Seeing this from a distance, Archi intervenes and seizes a pistol from the goons, threatening to fire unless they are released. Soon Parshya and Archi catch a running train and escape the confines of a small town.

In the city, Archi and Parshya are broke and desperate. Surviving off what little they have, they sleep at the station, contemplating their next move. One night, a few men come and awaken them, insisting that they come to the police station. On the way, they begin to drag Parshya and beat him up, while another attempts to rape Archi. However, a lady from the nearby slum, Suman Akka bravely intervenes, brandishing a stick, stepping in and saving the duo.

Akka is very kind and generous understanding the lover’s plight. Realizing their desperate condition, she offers them a spare shanty to live in, where Parshya and Archi take up residence. She is also kind enough to help Archi find employment in a nearby factory, while Parshya starts working as a cook at her Dosa stand. The two being making a meager hand to mouth existence, trying to make the most of the situation with love. Initially, Archi misses home terribly and they go through many hurdles, as she misses the upper class living she is used to. after an ugly argument Archi leaves Parshya to return her home, but on the way seeing a begging couple and how they have been together through thick and thin she returns repenting her mistake. on the other side Parshya is seen broken and disturbed because of Archi’s absence. However they have a teary reconcile and Archi and Parshya are married and she is shown pregnant and the story moves forward a few years.

It would seem they are economically better off, wearing better clothes and living in a far more hospitable location. Archi is shown calling her mother, and handing the phone to an infant, hers and Parshya’s son. She talks about how they’re doing better and how she misses home. Soon, her brother Prince and his goon friends arrive, bearing gifts from her mother, hinting at reconciliation. One of the neighbors insists on taking their child for a while before her brother and relatives come to meet her. Archi then asks the guests to take a seat in the living room while she prepares tea. Parshya soon comes home and is stunned at their house guests, and Archi reminds him that they are her guests, her family, and so it is his duty to serve them tea.

Soon the neighbor sends the toddler home that comes into the house and discovers both his parents hacked to death. Visibly troubled and unable to comprehend the gruesome nature of the honor killing, he runs off.


  • Rinku Rajguru as Archana Patil (Archi)
  • Akash Thosar as Prashant Kale (Parshya)
  • Tanaji Galgunde as Pradeep Bansode (Langdya/Balya)
  • Arbaz Shaikh as Salim Shaikh (Salya)
  • Chhaya Kadam as Suman Akka
  • Anuja Mule as Annie
  • Rubina Inamdar as Sapna
  • Dhananjay Nanavare as Mangesh (Mangya)
  • Suresh Vishwakarma as Archi’s Father (Tatya)
  • Geeta Chavan as Archi’s Mother
  • Suraj Pawar as Prince
  • Sambhaji Tangde as Parshya’s Father
  • Vaibhavi Pardeshi as Parshya’s Mother
  • Nagraj Manjule as Commentator
  • Bhushan Manjule as Shahid
  • Jyoti Subhash as Saguna Aatya (Special Appearance)